Wedding List – General conditions

Cooperation Agreement Regulation on the “Charity Wedding Gift List”.

To celebrate their wedding the Bride and Groom would like to be part of the cooperation Agreement established for the charitable work of the Fundación Carmen Pardo-Valcarce (referred to hereinafter as the FCPV). To this end, they would like to donate 6% of the cost of their wedding gifts to the FCPV charity to promote the participation of individuals with intellectual disabilities and they will also tell their guests about the products made by the Foundation’s employees with intellectual disabilities sold on the “Charity Wedding Gift List”.

Managing the “Charity Wedding Gift List.”

Fundashop Weddings is an online Charity Wedding Gift List. Those invited to the wedding will be able to choose products on a virtual list, which you can then keep or exchange for money.

  • The FCPV shall draw up a wedding gift list from the Fundashop store and it shall be in charge of the wedding gifts. The wedding gift list shall be approved by The Bride and Groom.
  • The FCPV shall be in charge of preparing the wedding gift cards that contain the information on how to choose the gift on the “Charity Wedding Gift List” pursuant to the existing corporate example. The FCPV shall send the cards to the guests by post. The FCPV shall be in charge of editing the cards and sending them.
  • The Bride and Groom shall provide the list of guests in Excel format stating their names and the addresses.
  • Through Fundashop the FCPV shall use the personal and material resources needed to process the gifts. The guests who would like to choose a gift from the “Charity Wedding Gift List” shall be assisted via e-mail, telephone or online through the Website, where they will be able to choose the gift and make the corresponding payment, either by means of a bank transfer or credit card through the POS system.
  • For all intents and purposes the guests give the Bride and Groom the money to buy the furniture or the products of their choice. Having received the transfer or the credit card payment the FCPV shall inform the Bride and Groom about the amount given, the gift chosen, and the text congratulating them. Having received the transfers and payments for the gifts, this amount shall be sent to the Bride and Groom by means of a bank transfer once they are married.

Checking the “charity wedding gift list.” 

The Bride and Groom shall be sent an email to the address they provide each time one of their guests gives them something from the list. They can also check the current status of the Wedding Gift List and the gifts received on the website using the secret code they were given to use exclusively.

Advantages of the “Charity Wedding Gift List.”

There is a ten percent (10%) discount that is valid for a year, when the “Charity Wedding Gift List” is used. This discount if valid for the services related to organising the wedding, which are provided by the companies that are part of the FCPV group:

  • Furniture in the Fundashop store
  • Florists
  • Stationers and printers
  • Candies

NB: With regard to any couples who get married in La Muñoza, the aforementioned discounts do not include either the discounts or the flowers for their wedding as they are already included. 

Helping the FCPV

Apart from the Bride and Groom helping to promote the integration of individuals with intellectual disabilities in society and publicising this, they also willingly and irrevocably donate six percent (6%) of the total amount of the gifts received through the “Charity Wedding Gift List” to the FCPV. After the wedding the FCPV shall send them the corresponding certificate of the total amount they have donated.

Data protection

FCPV guarantees that the rules on data protection concerning the information obtained to process the “Charity Wedding Gift List” shall be upheld. FCPV agrees to take the legally required security measures concerning the files, establishments, programmes or equipment that contain personal data, in accordance with the security measure requirements established in the Royal Decree 1720/2007.

FCPV agrees to uphold its duty of secrecy concerning the processing of personal data and keep it confidential, and to this end, it shall take the technical, organisation and security measures necessary to prevent this data being altered, lost, processed or accessed by unauthorised third parties, pursuant to the terms established in:

  • Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 dated the 13th of December, on Personal Data Protection
  • Spanish Royal Decree on Security Measures 1720/2007 and other applicable law.

All the personal data and any medium or document that contains any type of personal data that is going to be processed, shall be destroyed so that it cannot be read by third parties. Furthermore pursuant to article 22.2 of the Royal Decree 1720/2007, the FCPV shall be entitled to block any stored data that could be acquired due to its responsibilities concerning its relationship with the Bride and Groom.

Pursuant to the obligations established by the Spanish Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999 with regard to registering the files containing personal data, FCPV hereby informs you that it has the files registered in the General Data Protection Register:

Client File: 2120160859

Donations File: 2120160863

Third party access to data 

Pursuant to the article 12 of the Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 dated the 13th of December on the Protection of Personal Data, when CADEMADRID, S.L. (Fundashop) accesses the personal data about the Bride and Groom or their relatives, it shall not be considered to have disseminated or passed on this information, seeing as it has to use and process this data in order to render the services included in this “Charity Wedding Gift List” Agreement.

In any case the Bride and Groom are informed that CADEMADRID S.L. (Fundashop) a collaborating company that belongs to the FCPV group, shall only access the personal data (identification or address) to issue and send out the informative wedding gift list cards.

Rule concerning the Agreement

This “Charity Wedding Gift List” Agreement has been drawn up for a charitable cause to help the FCPV in its work by publicising its activities organised to integrate individuals with intellectual disabilities into society.

Through Fundashop the FCPV agrees to administer the money received for the wedding gifts with all due diligence, and give it to the Bride and Groom. The FCPV guarantees that it shall not use the money received to make any kind of financial investment or of any other kind, and put it into a current account open in a solvent bank of recognized standing.

If the wedding is cancelled, the Bride and Groom agree to give back all the money received for the gifts, wherefore the FCPV and Fundashop are exempt of any type of responsibility before the guests. The money can be returned to FCPV or Fundashop so that it then deals with returning the amount of the corresponding gifts, in which case the cost of these returns shall be passed on to the Bride and Groom, who shall be expected to bear all the expenses incurred in processing, banking and returning the corresponding amounts to the guests.

The parties mutually agree that any dispute or discrepancy that arises over the interpretation or the implementation of the terms of this Agreement shall be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid.